Enjoy a Stay-cation

Need a vacation to escape from the realities of life for a little while?  Consider a “Stay-cation” at home and become a tourist in your own hometown.  Your vacation budget may be a little tight with rising gas prices, uncertain job security, pay cuts, and higher prices at the grocery store.    To help ease a squeezed budget, below are some great articles and money saving ideas to make this your best vacation yet.

Recreate the bed and breakfast or spa experience at home to enjoy 365 days a year instead of just on your vacation.  Splurge on yourself by upgrading your bedding with quality bed linens, pillows and quilts.  Upgrading doesn’t need to equal expensive.  With a tight budget, find great deals at Buy Smart-n $ave for your new fabulous bed.  Just enter “bed linens” in the search bar and begin saving.  Having a good nights sleep will help you enjoy your next day’s activities and your “Stay-cation” more.

You can also recreate a spa atmosphere at home and take a day to pamper and indulge yourself with sea salt scrub hand treatment, deep moisturizing foot treatment, lip exfoliation, refreshing eye pads, and light some candles and play soft music to help you relax.  Visit Buy Smart-n $ave for savings on candles, relaxation, and other bath and body products.

Some at-home spa treatments to try:

Hopefully these ideas will help to keep money in your pocket, relax, and have this be your best vacation ever.

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