Getting to Balanced

To feel complete as a person all the pieces of the wellness wheel needs to be fulfilled. Why?  Our lives are so busy, we have work demands and family needs to take care of and typically devote a smaller portion of our time to the other facets of our life.  If we allow ourselves to become so run down and not recharge our battery, small potholes encountered might seem like large ruts.  Tempers might flare a bit more easily.  The three inner properties — mind, body, and soul interconnect with our health, purpose in life, relationships, and finances.  If any of these properties are out of balance so will you.

Following is an excerpt taken from Scott Berkun’s blog, The Cult of the Busy,

… people who are always busy are time poor. They have a time shortage. They have time debt. They are either trying to do too much, or they aren’t doing what they’re doing very well. They are failing to either a) be effective with their time b) don’t know what they’re trying to effect, so they scramble away at trying to optimize for everything, which leads to optimizing nothing.

Wellness is the ongoing process of becoming self aware and making choices that moves you along a continuum of experiencing greater and greater states of feeling better.

I am sharing a post from another blogger, dimpledbrain, on being attentive.

Additional resources:
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Why do we get sick, why do we get better by John Dalton

Oby’s Wisdom! A Caveman’s Simple Guide to Health and Well-being, 2nd edition by Mark William Cochran

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Hello Again!

Picture of a Daffodill, scientifically referre...I have been absent for a while.  In the time since my last posting I have been blessed with an increase in business activity and opportunities.  Success can’t be guaranteed, but having the right tools and encouragement can get you there.

From the time I last posted, I have since redirected my focus to health and wellness, something I have been an advocate of since my teens…a long time.  I do hope the information I share is informative and useful for you.

Thank you for your visit, interest, and comments.