So many great writers and topics from fellow bloggers. Here is another blog I am inspired by. Such elegant writing about staying current with change.



I feel I am getting left behind.   How can I keep up?


Become a silver surfer

The rate of change has never been so fast.  Many of the older generation may well feel that they are increasingly out of touch with this strange new world, left struggling to keep up with the pace of modern life.

Everything is different.  Many may come to feel that they are strangers in their own land, in danger of becoming isolated and marginalised.  In the face of so much new technology it is hardly surprising that there is a tendency to retreat to the old familiar, to call time on progress and miss out on the wonderful opportunities that would enrich their lives.

For the more mature amongst us there is always a choice point.  A point when we decide to get on board or to let the ship sail without us. …

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