To Be or Not to Be?

Dawn Over the River

Dawn Over the River (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

Can you relate to “spontaneity can be obtained as long as it’s planned”?  I was talking to a friend when this behavior trait came to me.  As an aside, right now my dog wants me to be spontaneous and play instead of writting this blog.  Getting back on track, for those of us that prefer more structure, how to relate to the unfamiliar behavior of being spontaneous?

I really enjoyed reading this blog structure:spontaneity about needing both spontaneity and structure in our lives…be sure to read the comments too.

Another intriguing post on this topic is from Taking it to the Streets comparing two different viewpoints from Steven Covey and Leo Babuta.  Reflect on the three questions posted at the bottom of this blog and answer them for yourself.  Also, be sure to read the great comments left on this blog too.

Nature also shows how structure and spontaneity can work together. A river usually flows in a specific channel that is structured and narrow, but constantly changing depending on the flow or amount of water present. The river opens up to the sea which is open and unstructured.

I hope you find the beautiful energy of the song below to correspond with a river’s dynamic features to incorporate structure and change in the same instance to connect its life force with another larger body of water.

Thanks to my friend for inspiring me to write this.

P.S.  Some additional supporting short articles below for your enjoyment and enrichment.

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