How Informed Are You About The Flu Vaccine?

I believe we all know the pluses of getting a flu shot, to avoid or reduce flu symptoms, but do you know about the negative side effects?  Below are two articles from and the National Vaccine Information Center to help you understand what they are: Article

Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are Suspended Across Europe and Canada

  • A recent review found that flu vaccines may not offer protection as previously thought. The elderly, in particular, do not appear to receive measureable value from the flu shot. Trivalent inactivated influenza vaccines also didn’t offer much protection to children over the age of seven
  • While infants and young children are at greatest risk, no one is exempt from the potential serious complications of flu vaccination, one of which is Guillaine-Barre syndrome. Early symptoms of GBS include sudden muscle weakness, fatigue and tingling sensations in the legs, eventually ending with either partial or total paralysis
  • A unit of U.S. drugmaker Johnson & Johnson, recently suspended delivery of their seasonal flu vaccine, Inflexal V, destined for Italy and other European countries, after discovering “problems” with two of 32 lots
  • Two weeks ago Italy banned the sale and use of four flu vaccines manufactured by Novartis, following the discovery of white particles in the vaccines. Over the next two days, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Germany and Canada also suspended use of Novartis’ flu vaccines
  • ACIP recently changed their recommendation on Tdap during pregnancy. According to new recommendation, a Tdap booster vaccine is to be given to pregnant women during each consecutive pregnancy. The vote was unanimous despite the fact that neither safety nor efficacy data exists for women given multiple consecutive Tdap vaccinations during every pregnancy.

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The National Vaccine Information Center Article

Forcing Flu Shots on Health Care Workers: Who Is Next?

Even health care workers are reluctant to receive the flu shot. The article  states that 60% of health care workers do not want to get an annual flu shot because they know of the negative side effects and do not want to take the risk.  

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Additionally, using supplements to strengthen your immune system naturally can provide your body with more ammunition to effectively fight off any virus.  See a previous post Flu Season that shares how Vitamin D is very good at preventing the flu. Also,strengthening your digestive health can boost your immune system as shown in an article from Science Daily, Natural Intestinal Flora Strengthen Immune System.  

Arm yourself with knowledge how the flu vaccine can affect you or a loved one and make an informed decision how you are going to get through this year’s flu season.