Improve Your Memory

Did you know that vitamins can help improve your memory? Watch the following interview with natural health expert Dr. Mark Mincolla to learn more.

Also read Omega-3 Diet + Vitamins Help Keep Brain From Shrinking from PsychCentral.

Be sure to incorporate a diet focused on fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, in addition to using supplements to enhance your specific nutrient needs.

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Hello Again!

Picture of a Daffodill, scientifically referre...I have been absent for a while.  In the time since my last posting I have been blessed with an increase in business activity and opportunities.  Success can’t be guaranteed, but having the right tools and encouragement can get you there.

From the time I last posted, I have since redirected my focus to health and wellness, something I have been an advocate of since my teens…a long time.  I do hope the information I share is informative and useful for you.

Thank you for your visit, interest, and comments.

Eat Mindfully to Achieve Better Health

I would like to share two great resources about eating more mindfully.  When I first came across the term, I thought, “What, I don’t understand.”  How many times do you eat your meals in a rush?  You are running out the door in the morning and grab a donut, bagel, or some other quick item to eat.  Lunch is usually quick and may even be at your desk while working.  Dinner might look like this – get home from work, take care of kids, prepare dinner, take care of kids, clean up before going to bed, go to bed.   All of these scenarios are rushed and lack mindfulness.

To help understand the concept of eating more mindfully, Harvard nutritionist Dr. Lilian Cheung shares from a book she co-wrote with Nobel Peace Prize nominee Thich Nhat Hanh ‘Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life’ about how being more mindful of what we eat contributes to our overall health.

Video from KarmaTube

Also, Psychology Today offers suggestions on how to eat more mindfully:

  •  Try taking the first four sips of a cup of hot tea or coffee with full attention.
  • If you are reading and eating, try alternating these activities, not doing both at once. Read a page, then put the book down and eat a few bites, savoring the tastes, then read another page, and so on.
  • At family meals, you might ask everyone to eat in silence for the first five minutes, thinking about the many people who brought the food to your plates.
  • Try eating one meal a week mindfully, alone and in silence. Be creative. For example, could you eat lunch behind a closed office door, or even alone in our car?

Start being more mindful of what you put in your body for fuel and watch how your health thanks you.

Nutritional Wellness

Wellness as defined by The Foundation for Wellness Professionals is considered care without drugs that can not only eliminate health problems but prevent them.  I have always been a supporter of natural health and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes though it isn’t always possible to maintain a balanced diet and nutritional supplements may be helpful to achieve the recommended vitamin and mineral requirements our bodies need to function well.  How do you know what is a good supplement to purchase?  I came across a web site,, which provides helpful information regarding nutritional supplement effectiveness.  This guide is provided by VitaLab which is an independent organization providing unbiased information on nutritional supplements.  They did a study of 100 multivitamin brands to analyze their effectiveness and value for your money.  Visit their web site to see how your multivitamin rates.

Keep in mind it is recommended to still maintain a healthy diet with fresh fruits and vegetables while taking nutritional supplements.  Be sure to include these on your grocery list.